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Blwyddyn 5/6 – Red Kites

Croeso i Dosbarth Red Kites

Blwyddyn 5/6

Medi/September 2021 - Gorffenaf/July 2022





Blwyddyn Newydd Dda!!



Fair Aware

This term Red Kites and all of TPS learners will be thinking about being: ‘Fair Aware’.

We will find out all about Fair Trade.

We will talk about food and farming all around the world.

We will be exploring the problems facing farmers because of climate change.

Take time as a family to talk about what you already know about farming and fair trade. Then talk about what you’d like to find out about fair trade, farming and climate and share any ideas you may have for activities, books, visits etc.

You can either print the sheet below and write on it or share ideas in an email to me.

learner voice fair aware







Remembrance 2021

Due to current guidance, friends and families were not able to join us for our class assembly…but as a special treat, we’ve recorded all our parts and share them here with you.

#RedKites, you have made me VERY proud today.

Harvest Festival

Y Cynhaeaf

Here are the Red Kites performing a ‘Harvest Homophones’ poem.

We all tried some squash, turnips and thyme, both uncooked and as a soup!


Croeso Nol

Welcome Back to school

We will now meet each morning on the main playground and enter the school all together at 8:50a.m.


Autumn 2021

Our first learning context will be ‘Power & Identity’.

We will be asking questions such as:  ‘Who am I?’  and ‘Who are we?’






Croeso i Dosbarth Topaz ~ Blwyddyn 4/5

September 2020 – July 2021




Summer Term 2021

This term we are going to be ‘Lost in a World of Pure Imagination’.

Literature fires imagination and inspires creativity

We are going to get lost in the world of ‘Ant Clancy Games Detective’ by the Welsh author Ruth Morgan.



Spring Term 2021

Daily LIVE check-in sessions 

9:30am Monday to Friday #TeamTopaz will have a LIVE check-in session on Microsoft TEAMS.

Log in using your HWB email address.

(If you want to see all your class mates, you’ll need to download the TEAMS app to your device).

Go to J2E Shared Files/Hwb email/Class Dojo each day to access all your learning challenges and resources.


World Book Day 2021

Here’s a special World Book Day message from Wendy White the author.

Dydd Gŵyl Dewi Hapus #TeamTopaz

Watch the video below for a VERY special St David's Day message for all Trallwn learners!

 March 2021

We are now sharing our Champion Challenges with Y3-Y3.

From March 1st-5th we have Challenges all based on Wales and Welsh culture to celebrate St David’s Day.

Go to J2E Shared Files/Hwb email/Class Dojo to get all the challenges and resources.


Spring 1 2021

#TeamTopaz have voted ‘Light and Dark’ for this term’s learning context.

Weekly Champion Challenges will be in your Shared Files on J2E on HWB, in your HWB emails and posted on our Class Dojo page.

Spelling, LLC and Maths tasks will be shared DAILY.





Lockdown Home Learning
All your work will be shared with you every day on our Class Dojo Page, in J2E Shared Files and emailed to your email address.  Please send me any questions you have on Class Dojo or by email:



Nadolig Llawen #TeamTopaz

Watch this movie of our year so far…

#TeamTopaz2020 Christmas Dance



#TeamTopaz2020  Home Learning



Christmas timetable

For ALL resources for each day, please check your HWB emails and the J2E Shared files.



#TeamTopaz2020 Isolation Home Learning



isolation timetable

Christmas Around the World Champion Challenges

Welsh Christmas Words







For all resources, check your email and our Class Dojo daily.




October Half-Term Challenges

#TeamTopaz2020 have made us so very very proud this term; settling back into school after such a long time away in a time of great change and uncertainty. Awesome job!!!

Time now for a break. 🙂

Below are some optional half-term challenges for those that wish to have some things to keep you busy during an unusual ‘lockdown’ half-term!! You can access and submit these challenges in our ‘Google Classroom’.

Click here:   Half term challenges




Harvest 2020

We cannot invite our families in to join us for our Harvest Festival this year, so here is #TeamTopaz2020 performing the Welsh poem 'Y Cynhaeaf' (The Harvest).



Walk to School 2020

We made posters reusing old cereal boxes to remind people to ‘Walk to School’ week beginning 19th October 2020!  Take a look at our posters:





Autumn 2020

Lliwiau’r Enfys


Topaz Autumn Pupil Voice Planning

Topaz Autumn Newsletter


A warm welcome back to school.

Miss Bond & Mrs Garner are your teachers this year.

Please use Class Dojo to send us any questions or to give us any information.



Croeso i Dosbarth Fluorite ~ Blwyddyn 4

September 2019-July 2020



Please share the following social story with your children to help explain the school closure and reassure them


Check-In, Catch Up, Prepare

Week beginning: 29th June 2020

#TeamFluorite, I have been in to move the furniture and set up your resources at your desks.  I used my tape measure to check we are all at least 2m apart.  The class is still bright and friendly…it’s just missing YOU!


When we are back in school week beginning 29th June, I will be teaching you how to have fun with a new digital tool called FLIPGRID.  It will allow you to create short videos to share with me and the class.

If you would like to have a try yourself at home before we come to school next week – I have created a ‘Hello#TeamFluorite’ where you can record videos to say hello.  You can add drawings and stickers to your videos – it’s LOTS of fun!   AmyLou has been helping me learn how to use Flipgrid, so you’ll see messages from her!  I will share the Flipgrid code for this practice grid on Class Dojo.  

Getting Started: Students

Students do NOT need to create Educator accounts
Students just need a Flip Code from their teacher to join Flipgrid and start recording videos. No accounts needed.

Joining a Grid (Flipgrid HELP video)

Step 1: Enter the Flip Code

You can go to on a computer. We recommend using Google Chrome for the best experience.


On mobile devices, download the free Flipgrid app for iOS and Android devices.

Your Flip Code is provided by your teacher to join the Grid. Enter the Flip Code exactly how your teacher provided. If you don’t know your Flip Code, please contact your teacher for assistance.

Step 2: Sign in to the Grid

You will join using your School HWB Email address.  If you can’t remember you hwb email address ask Miss Bond.

Recording a Video 

Once in a Grid, students click the green plus to record in three easy steps:

  1. Tap to record – Tap the record button on the bottom to start. Add fun stickers, filters, text, and more. Tap the arrow on the bottom right to advance.
  2. Review your video – Trim, rearrange, or add more. Tap the arrow in the bottom right to advance.
  3. Take a selfie – The selfie will be the cover image for your video. Tap the arrow in the bottom right to advance.
  4. Submit your video – Edit your name, add a title, or attach a link. Then submit!

Trallwnbury Festival

(15th June-26th June)

#TeamTrallwn, we are excited to share another set of WHOLE school Challenge-Missions with you all to cover home learning for the next two weeks based on a Trallwnbury Festival (a music, dance and arts festival).

We cannot wait to see your amazing creative projects.

Please share with Miss Bond.

Click here for the challenges:  TRALLWNBURY

#TeamTrallwn Trallwnbury Dance

The fabulous Zack Franks has choreographed our very own #TeamTrallwn Trallwnbury Festival Dance for us all to learn!

Here is the Trallwnbury 'Happy Dance' to Blinding Lights by The Weeknd.

Link Below:
 Trallwnbury Dance
The video includes a tutorial of how to perform the dance, however you can skip to 13:00 minutes if you wish to just copy the dance completed.

Empathy Week

(8th-12th June)

Here are our Missions for the week:  Empathy Week 2020

Please link to this page for more details:  Empathy Week

Fun Friday June 5th

j2message is an instant messaging tool, on HWB which we would like to use with our learners in Trallwn.  Please see a short introduction from HWB below:

“j2message enables teachers and learners to message each other in real time. A notification is sent when a new message is available. Teachers may select either school, class, or individual users, to send a message. Pupils may message a teacher, and a teacher can choose to share that message with a class, if they wish. Messages can be deleted but will always be available for all teachers via the audit log button on the j2dashboard.”


We are aware that your children are missing their friends, therefore we will aim to engage with our classes informally on a ‘Fun Friday’.  There is a feature on j2message to allow all children to see each other’s messages in the class, so they will be able to engage with each other each week.  After their slot the chat will be ‘locked’ until the next ‘Fun Friday’ so the teachers are always monitoring the chat.  Please see the table below for your child’s class slot.

We aim to introduce this on Friday 5th June so the children can chat with their friends and their teacher.


‘Fun Friday’


Time Slot












June 1st-5th

#TeamTrallwn has voted for ‘Heroes and Villains’ as our next Mission focus.  Enjoy!

Heroes and Villains Missions KS2



May 18th-May 22nd

#TeamFluorite pupils suggested ‘Dinosaurs’ as our weekly Missions focus!

KS2 Dinosaur Missions



May 11th – May 15th

#TeamTrallwnKS2 voted for ‘WILD WORLD’ Missions

Wild World Missions

May 4th to May 8th

VE Day Missions

VE Day Missions



April 27th to May 1st

#TeamFluorite have voted for ‘Under the Sea’ as this week’s topic.

Sing a long to this happy song!

Here is the overview of the activities:

Under the Sea Missions

Here are resources to support you:

sea creatures Fact Cards Our-Oceans-Activity-Sheet


Floating Egg for adults



Welcome Back!

 ALL resources for Super Learning Family Week have been emailed to you and are also found here:

Super Family Learning Activities and Resources

Easter Break

Please read our  letter for the Easter Holidays.   Stay in touch with us!







Dylan Thomas Compeition:

As part of this year’s International Dylan Thomas Day, which is celebrated on 14 May each year, DylanED is inviting 8-11 year olds across Wales to take part in a very special competition.

The competition, which is entitled ‘My Favourite Dream’ is based around Dylan Thomas’ story A Visit to Grandpa’s.

Following in the footsteps of Swansea’s foremost writer and storyteller, the competition will look for children aged 8-11 to submit a short story (100 words), poem or picture of their own favourite dream.

Competition winners will receive a number of goodies including a trophy, framed copy of their work and goody bag. Selected entries will also feature in an online exhibition.

Entries should be submitted electronically by Friday 1st May to with the title ‘DylanED – my favourite dream.’

*Please note – due to current circumstances we are only able to accept entries electronically. 



Click here to get dancing:

Zack Franks Dance


If you want to share a smile with the older generation of our locality, you could send a rainbow picture or a postcard to our friends in Peniel Green Care Home, 216 Peniel Green Road, Llansamlet, Swansea SA7 9BD



Click below for Class Information Letter:


#TeamFluorite Home Learning Time Table.  Click on the link below:

Trallwn Primary School Daily Timetable Y3 4

Follow this link for FREE downloadable resources to use at home.  Use the code ‘UKTWINKLHELPS’ to access their full range.


Here are some lovely stories to LISTEN to…

Listen to these stories

Click below for Spelling and Reading Home Learning Class log-in and Password:

Fluorite Oxford Owls Home Learning

Click to open OXFORD OWL

Click below to open Mathletics:

Click below to open Reading Buddies:

Click below to open HWB:

Click below to open ‘Hit the Button’ (maths games)

Click below for QR Codes to read our ‘Babs a Benja’ Welsh reading books (take a look at Blwch Hud)

QR codes Babs a Benja

Newyddion – Click below to see the Welsh news vocabulary help sheet.  This will help you to talk about what you have been doing, and even write a diary in Welsh!


Take a look at these reading books!

On line Books

Spring Term 1, the whole school have become ‘Eastside Tycoons’


Look at all our different ideas – we took a vote about what to make:

Fluorite Eastside Tycoons Pupil Voice

Spring Term 1, Fluorite Class  voted for the topic ‘Planet Unknown’ to find out about Aliens and Space.

Alien Seeds: We had a strange parcel arrive from Planet Eight asking Fluorite Class to help them cultivate their seeds – they even sent us all the equipment we needed!


We visited Plantasia in Parc Tawe to take part in the ‘Easy Peasy Seed Germination workshop’- What does a seed need to germinate?  We thought we’d ask an expert!



Please follow the links below to keep up-to-date with our class information:

Fluorite January newsletter

Medium Term planning fluorite Spring 2020 website