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Dosbarth Goshawks

Dosbarth Goshawks

We are Year 3 and our teacher is Ms Horgan
Miss Young and Miss Wallen are our lovely Teaching Assistants.

Harvest 2021

Goshawks Harvest



Home learning tasks for just Monday 26th April 

TIMETABLE for Monday 26th April

This includes the Champion Challenge for the day.


Spelling WB 26th April


Home learning tasks for WB Monday 19th April 

TIMETABLE for WB 19April




Minibeast hunt

Spelling WB 19th April


Home learning tasks for WB Monday 8th March (remember school is closed for Junior children on Thursday and Friday)

Spelling WB 8th March

TIMETABLE for WB 8th March childcare children

TIMETABLE for WB 8th March

Y3-Y6 Champion Challenges WB 8th March

Resources to use for this weeks learning:


Analogue clock work

Definitions from a dictionaary task 3

dictionary1 task


More dictionary work



Using_a_Dictionary_task 2

Home learning tasks for WB Monday 1st March

Spelling WB 1st March

TIMETABLE for WB 1st March

The Champion Challenges are the same as they ran over two weeks.

Resources to use for this weeks learning:

adding using information from tables


Bean plant drawing

Complete the story of Jack and the Beanstalk

Complete the story

Find the bean game

Story board template

The story of the Baked Bean

Home learning tasks for WB Wednesday 24th February

TIMETABLE for WB 23rd February

Spelling WB 23rd February

Y3-Y6 Champion Challenges

Resources to use for this weeks learning:

Adar_yr_Ardd Garden Birds

Eisteddfod Flipgrid





Question marks and full stops

Home learning tasks for WB 8th February


Spelling WB 8th February

TIMETABLE for WB 8th February

Resources to use for this weeks learning:

acrostic food-poetry-activity-sheets

Adjectives for-Food


handwriting-lined-paper-for Nursery Rhyme


Internet safety Reading work







Home learning tasks for WB 1st February

TIMETABLE for WB 1st February


Spelling WB 1st February

Resources to use for this weeks learning:


Finger print task instructions

2 times tables booklet

3 times tables booklet

4 Times Tables booklet

5 times tables booklet

10 times tables booklet

A very useful tick list to help you try and structure your day!

Emerald Class Daily tick list

These are your spelling words for Friday 8th January. Remember you’ll have new words every Friday as you have been getting up until now. We test the children in school on a Friday morning before they get their new words to see how they are getting on. Try to do the same at home and let me know their scores! Good luck!

Spelling 8th January

Here are the Champion Challenges for Wednesday 6th to Friday 8th January.

CHALLENGES-FOR-Jan 6th 7th and 8th

This terms topic will be a Science based topic and once the class have decided which topic they would like to focus on, I will put the terms planning on here for you all to see! Remember to complete the Microsoft form to give your vote on what you would like the topic to be! Here is the link:

Fun Home Learning Activities for you to do with your Children

As another lockdown begins and we try to work out the best way to cope with creating a new routine for learning,  try out some of these fun ways to embed learning activities that won’t even feel like learning!


Baking provides many learning opportunities…and produces some delicious results too. Working through a simple recipe with your child will help develop measuring skills (Maths), following instructions (English) and can help them understand reversible and irreversible changes (Science).

Practical tip: Ask your child questions as you work through the recipe, such as ‘What do we need to do next?’, ‘How does our mixture look different now to before we added the flour/butter/sugar?’, ‘How much more flour do we need than sugar?’ As an added challenge, try doubling or halving the recipe too!


Planting seeds and watching them sprout and grow is always a rewarding activity to do with your children. And you don’t need a garden either; a few simple supplies are all you need to get you started. Pop some multi-purpose compost in a plant pot, plastic cup or old yogurt pot, sprinkle the seeds in and cover with compost.

Encourage your child to take responsibility for making sure the plant has enough water and sunlight, and challenge them to record what happens to the seed each day. They could take photos, measure the height to record in a graph, draw pictures or write updates. Keep them indoors as it’s a bit cold outside at the moment!

Practical tip: These plant seeds germinate and reach maturity quickly: mung beans (2-5 days), cress (3-7 days), lima beans (4-7 days), sprouting seeds (4-12 days), radishes (7-14 days), pumpkin (7-21 days). Lettuce, basil, chives, mint and parsley are also relatively easy to grow.

Keeping Active

Being less able to go outside and play with other children may mean that your child is less active than normal but there are lots of ways you can incorporate exercise into your new home learning routine.

YouTube is an endless source of great exercise and dance videos for your children. Try these to start with – there are plenty more!

  • Dance ‘n Beats has a wide selection of fun dance routines for younger children to enjoy.
  • Just Dance has a more challenging selection of videos for older children.
  • Cosmic Kids Yoga has a fun range of videos to guide your child through yoga sessions.
  • Jump Start Jonny has some fab free high-energy workouts on his website, plus a few on YouTube too.

Practical tip: Make sure children warm up and warm down before and after each workout session. Walking on the spot, arm swings or circles, jumping jacks, side hops and lunges are all good options.

Computer Coding

There are lots of free websites out there for children to help them understand how coding works. One of our favourites is Scratch. Children can program their own interactive stories, games and animations.

Practical tip: The main Scratch site is designed for children aged between 8 and 16 but there is also an easier version called ScratchJr for children between the ages of 5 and 7.


Autumn Term 2020

Here are our Champion Challenge tasks for week beginning 14th December.

A template of the letter to Santa and the Christmas Quiz for you to see too!


Sants letter template in Welsh


Have a lovely week everyone and let’s hope we get lots of dry days to enjoy the outdoors too!


Our Christmas Assembly for you to enjoy! Merry Christmas everyone ~ Nadolig Llawen!


We are Year 3 and our teachers are Mrs Harris, Miss Young and Mrs Wallen.

Autumn Term Letter to Parents

Our topic this term is Lliwiau’r Enfys. This topic is all about Health and Wellbeing and the children have had lots of fantastic ideas about their learning.

Lliwiaur Enfys Curriculum Planning

Half-Term Champion Challenges





Spring/Summer Term 2020

Please find attached our class letter relating to self-isolators and school closure.

Emerald covid-19 letter


Social story for children to relate to due to a school closure:

School closure social story


Please find attached a daily timetable suggestion for you to follow at home. If you have any questions then please use Dojo Messages to contact the Class Teachers.

Trallwn Primary School Foundation Phase Home Learning


Check-in, Catch-up, Prepare – Back to school!

Week 1 –  29.06.20

Class Work:

Perfectly Norman – Activity 1

Perfectly Norman – Activity 2

Champion Challenges:


Champ 1

Champ 3

Champ 4 extention

Champ 4

Homework Tasks:

EMERALDS – Norman Book review in Welsh

Character profile

Which emotion?

Literacy homework



Witches and Lions

Spelling Words:

Lions spellings

Rainbows spellings

Tornadoes spellings

Witches spellings


Check-in, Catch-up, Prepare – Back to school!

Week 2 –  06.07.20

Class Work:

Ruby’s Worry – Activity 1

Ruby’s Worry – Activity 2

Champion Challenges:


Champ Challenge 1

Champ Challenge 2

Champ Challenge 4

Homework Tasks:

2D shape hunt homework

Math homework helpsheet

Name the 2D shape homework

Science homework

Literacy homework

Spelling Words:

06.07.20 spelling words lions

06.07.20 spelling words rainbows

06.07.20 spelling words tornadoes

06.07.20 spelling words witches


Check-in, Catch-up, Prepare – Back to school!

Week 3 –  13.07.20

Class Work:

Ravi’s Roar – Activity 1

Champion Challenges:


Champ 1

Champ 2

Homework Tasks:

3d shape homework pdf

Recording sheets and answers

Science homework

Literacy homework

Summer hols homework


Spelling Words:

13.07.20 spelling words lions

13.07.20 spelling words rainbows

13.07.20 spelling words tornadoes

13.07.20 spelling words witches


Summer Term 1 – Lost in a World of Pure Imagination:

Please find weekly updates for activities and ideas to do at home linked to our book-focused topic based around Pirate books from the amazing WELSH author, Jonny Duddle.

Summer term planning

Summer term week 1 – 20:04:20

Summer term week 2 – 27.04.20

Summer term week 3 – 04.05.02

Summer term week 4 – 11.05.02

Summer term week 5 – 18.05.02


An introduction into Hwb and J2E:


Here are some lovely stories to listen to:



If you would like to do some fine motor skills at home, watch ‘dough disco’ and copy the actions!


Useful websites:                       use the code – UKTWINKLHELPS                                           use hwb to share any work


Free home learning packs:


Welsh language patterns you could use:

Newyddion                                        17_Patrymau_Cymraeg


Welsh books you could read at home:

QR codes Ar y Ffordd 1-6               QR codes Babs a Benja


Welsh videos and apps to use at home:

  • Subscribe to “Cyw – S4C” channel on YouTube for children to watch a range of Welsh songs and programmes whilst at home.
  • Download the app “ Cyw ar Wyddor” (FREE) for children to practice the Welsh alphabet.


High frequency words and apps we use in school:

HFW List                                            APPS 


Science experiments you could do at home:

Science ideas


Lego challenge: